Mental Health Month

Mental Health Month

  • Three Ways To Reduce Anxiety

    Anxiety comes in many different forms and affects large numbers of Americans daily. From daily stressors to panic disorder, anxiety can and does affect many Americans in different ways. However, there are ways to make sure that you can get on with your life and live through your anxiety, rather than have it keeping you down. Reducing anxiety has been shown to lead to a longer life, but also a happier one. Tackling this issue now is important for your future and more.

    You should consider seeing a doctor first and foremost. Just like physical conditions, mental disorders are something …

  • An Essential List of Devices and Technological Innovations that Increase Your EMF Exposure

    We may not be aware of it, but we are surrounded by sources of exposure to EMF in our everyday lives – whether we are at home or at work, we are constantly plagued by exposure to EMF through various gadgets, appliances, devices, and other technological innovations. So what should you know about your risks to EMF exposure? Here’s an essential list of devices and technological innovations that increase your EMF exposure.

    Mobile phones

    Mobile phones – whether you are using an outdated cell phone or a brand new smart phone – are some of the most powerful sources of …