One day crowns are the latest technology to hit the dental industry

One day crowns are the latest technology to hit the..

One day crowns are the latest technology to hit the dental industry

One day crowns are the latest technology to hit the dental industry. Its introduction sparks an exciting time for both dentists and patients. With it, crowns can now be placed onto a damaged tooth in just a single visit. This is done via the CEREC crown system. One day crowns eliminates the need of having to schedule a couple of visits to the dentist to fit in a crown. This then means that a brand new tooth can be gotten in just one session. Even if your need is an emergency, a dental crown would be a much better option than a standard dental filling because it lasts much longer. A crown is made up of materials similar in relation to a tooth’s own. This material will then be shaped into a cap that will fit over the tooth. It is used when there is not much of a tooth left. Oneday’s crowns do not only provide an aesthetic improvement to the mouth but also a functional one as well. Patients can retain their bite and uphold their facial features.


This does seem like a complicated procedure, since you would be giving back a patient a full tooth. Complicated in the past, meant a long and drawn out process. This is not the case anymore with one day crowns. An appointment will have to be made with a dentist. Ensure that the dentist does provide one day crowns as a service at their rooms as not all dentists do. A franchise dentist such as Family Dental Care is an excellent choice in this case as they do provide the service and patients can choose to have it done at any of their locations in Durban, ideally one that is nearest to them. There is no need for any preparation for one day crowns and if an appointment can be scheduled then it can even be done during an emergency visit. Sedation is not really necessary and a local anaesthetic is sufficient.

This will be injected into the gum area to numb the area surrounding the tooth or teeth that will be receiving one day crowns. This numbness will keep the patient from feeling any painful sensitivity that will emanate when the dentist files down the tooth. This is to smoothen it out and also place little grooves which will help with the bonding material attaching that much better. It is only once this is done that an impression can be taken of the teeth. This will give the CEREC machine the exact dimensions to create a crown cap. The dentist will then place the finishing touches on the design to make the tooth look natural and fit in with the rest of the mouth. It is also the dentist’s job when fitting one day crowns to select the colouring of the tooth. The patient will be consulted as this does have far reaching consequences. The materials in one day crowns do not stain and this is the colour that will remain for its duration of a couple of decades. If teeth whitening on the other natural teeth is going to be an option in the future then this must be catered for.