Fentanyl Addiction: Face to Face with the Painful Detox

Fentanyl addiction must be stopped at all cost and one..

Fentanyl Addiction: Face to Face with the Painful Detox

Fentanyl addiction must be stopped at all cost and one of these costs is the painful and excruciating experience you’ll encounter during medical detox. Before undergoing a rehabilitation program, all fentanyl addicts and dependents must be weaned from the substance in their system. The recovery process especially from the powerful fentanyl narcotics is a long and difficult road to traverse. However, it is all worth it especially if you have seen the fruits of your hard work and resolve to turn your back from your nasty habit.


Fentanyl Addiction and Detox

All fentanyl addicts must first undergo the detoxification process especially if they are already in too deep their addiction. Fentanyl addiction has various effects on the body especially in the physical and psychological states of the person. During detox, the patient would experience different withdrawal symptoms in the physiological, emotional, and mental states of the individual. Quitting the drug is not an easy venture because the withdrawal symptoms are definitely not for the weak of hearts.

Physical Withdrawal Symptoms

  • Fentanyl addiction, when stopped during detox, could lead to chills and that feeling of general weakness or lethargy.
  • Fentanyl detox makes a person become confused and disoriented especially when the drug is slowly weaned from their system.
  • Fentanyl withdrawal symptom may also include diarrhea, stomach pain, and other bowel movement disorders.
  • Withdrawal symptoms such as joint and muscle pain and shaking and tremors are also normal during the detox process.

Behavioral and Emotional Withdrawal Symptoms

  • The patient may become irritable especially during the first few days of withdrawing from fentanyl.
  • During detox, the client would have a feeling of restlessness.
  • There is a feeling of losing your appetite.

It is imperative that only qualified medical professionals are allowed to supervise and administer the detox program due to the severity and danger of various withdrawal symptoms. Clients are assisted and monitored 24/7 so that their progress or any possible dangers are likewise documented and addressed. Patients are helped to become safe and comfortable throughout the duration of the detox program.

Detox and Relapse

There is definitely a thin line between detox from Fentanyl addiction and having a relapse. The withdrawal symptoms are undeniably excruciating and difficult and some people with weak resolves would usually stop the detox program and opt out of it, eventually sabotaging their recovery. This is exactly why qualified and certified professionals are allowed to supervise the process because of their background and training. The main goal is to help those individuals with Fentanyl addiction to just go through the process no matter how hard it may be. The objective is to help them see their end goal and not detour from the right track when difficulties set in.

Fentanyl addiction is a huge issue that destroys the individual addicted to the opiate derivative. The best treatment rehab facility is the go-to place if you or a loved one is suffering from fentanyl abuse. Contact a rehab center now for more details.
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