A dental implant is essentially a brand new tooth

A dental implant is essentially a brand new tooth. The..

A dental implant is essentially a brand new tooth

A dental implant is essentially a brand new tooth. The procedure has been around for more than 3 decades and has proven to be quite beneficial in the long run. People who have lost a tooth do not have to live with a gap and those who have lost all of their teeth do not have to settle for uncomfortable dentures. Getting dentures requires several trips to the dentist’s office, with one visit even including minor surgery to have the implant fitted into the jaw. Along with being time consuming it is also expensive, though it can be argued that one cannot put a price on a new set of teeth. Good teeth gives a person a higher level of confidence and takes away years off a person’s age.


The cost of dental implants in Durban is surprisingly affordable when compared to other countries such as the UK and US. Why is this the case? Well, when you take into consideration the economic exchange rates, you will see that your spending power is much greater in South Africa than in other countries. Specifically within the country, Durban holds much of this power. It is cheaper to live here than the other major metropolitan cities and so are the services. This includes dentistry. The cost of dental implants, for example, is much lower in Durban than in many other areas. The highlight of this factor is that although you would have access to lower dental implant costs, you would not have to compromise on quality. Durban has world renowned dentists so you will get an advanced level of treatment and care. The cost of dental implants is an important concept to take in, because they are not covered by health plans.

In addition, they are charged per tooth which can really add up if the entire mouth has got to be done. Some dentists in Durban do allow for the cost of dental implants to be paid as part of a payment plan. With dental implants, it is not just about getting new teeth but to also keep facial features in place and restore a person’sself-esteem.

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