Mental Health Month

Mental Health Month

  • One day crowns are the latest technology to hit the dental industry

    One day crowns are the latest technology to hit the dental industry. Its introduction sparks an exciting time for both dentists and patients. With it, crowns can now be placed onto a damaged tooth in just a single visit. This is done via the CEREC crown system. One day crowns eliminates the need of having to schedule a couple of visits to the dentist to fit in a crown. This then means that a brand new tooth can be gotten in just one session. Even if your need is an emergency, a dental crown would be a much better option …

  • Typical Services to Expect From A Toronto Laser Clinic

    Laser technology is fast becoming one of the most reliable and safe skin treatment options. Engineers have developed highly advanced laser machines that have managed to register recommendable success rates. With laser technology, you can carry out the following services:

    Mole Removal Toronto

    Mole removal is a common procedure performed procedures at most Laser Clinic in Toronto. The procedure is painless and has been proved to be very effective. Mole (which is also referred to as nevus/dermatology), refers to a natural growth of the skin and is comprised of pigmented cells. Almost everyone has at least one .It is also …

  • Fentanyl Addiction: Face to Face with the Painful Detox

    Fentanyl addiction must be stopped at all cost and one of these costs is the painful and excruciating experience you’ll encounter during medical detox. Before undergoing a rehabilitation program, all fentanyl addicts and dependents must be weaned from the substance in their system. The recovery process especially from the powerful fentanyl narcotics is a long and difficult road to traverse. However, it is all worth it especially if you have seen the fruits of your hard work and resolve to turn your back from your nasty habit.


    Fentanyl Addiction and Detox

    All fentanyl addicts must first undergo the detoxification …

  • A dental implant is essentially a brand new tooth

    A dental implant is essentially a brand new tooth. The procedure has been around for more than 3 decades and has proven to be quite beneficial in the long run. People who have lost a tooth do not have to live with a gap and those who have lost all of their teeth do not have to settle for uncomfortable dentures. Getting dentures requires several trips to the dentist’s office, with one visit even including minor surgery to have the implant fitted into the jaw. Along with being time consuming it is also expensive, though it can be argued that …